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About Us

 Passion plus Service equals Purpose  


I know how frustrating it is to want Health ,Wealth and Success more than anything and still feel stuck,confused and helpless to Take Action.I've had limiting beliefs,self doubt and bad habits myself.


I spent decades as a self-help junkie and health and fitness guinea pig figuring out what works and what doesn't


Then...I learned about a simple and effective way to eliminate all that struggle and resistance and install the positive empowering habits and qualities I needed to take action and crush my goals on cruise control


Not only did I use it Enhance myself and my life,I became a certified master practitioner


NOW...As a Fitness Professional and Self Enhancement Coach I combine decades of experience,knowledge and specialized training with passion and purpose to Guide you every step of the way to becoming...The Enhanced Version of You

Curtis Hance
Self Enhancement Coach/Enhancer

We all have a goal,dream or desire.Why haven't you achieved yours yet?

Maybe you gave it go and couldn't quite pull it off.Nothing wrong with that.Great things rarely happen on the first try or even the second


Maybe your one of the smart ones and you understand the value of having a skilled professional at your disposal to guide you every step of the way,NOW,you're just looking to hire the right coach.

Maybe there's a part of you thats scared,has doubts or doesn't think you're good enough.It's all good.There's also a part of you that's fearless.That knows your worth and infinite potential.I'll introduce you two

Maybe there's something else holding you back that you can't quite put your finger on.You just know you need it gone so you can live the life you deserve...No problem,that's my specialty

Benefits of Working with Me 

  • Create Your Vision,Achieve Your Goals Enhance Your Life!

  • Triple your Self Worth,Turbo Boost your Self Esteem,Makeover your Self Image

  • Erase limiting beliefs,self sabotage and negative self talk that stand between you and the Health,Wealth and Success you deserve

  • Possess Empowering Beliefs,Habits and Qualities that promote success,abundance and achievement

  • Be a Goal Getter!Gain simple tools and techniques that allow you to have anything you desire

  • No guesswork!Follow a simple proven game plan for success​​​

  • Achieve your goals with the guidance of an experienced professional every step of the way

  • Be more productive,effective and efficient!

  • Gain clarity into your true self,desires and motivations

  • Focus on You!Get an exclusive coaching experience tailored to suit your specific needs

  • Reach your full potential!

  • Achieve your goals and Create Lasting Change...and... Be the Enhanced Version of You!

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About Us

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