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Sport & Academic Excellence
Made Safer & Easier

I help student athletes become immune to burnout , develop a game plan for success an build elite mindset to to excel in athletics, academics and life

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Unlock Your Potential

 Protect Your Opportunities

Avoid the Risks

Are you the parent of a talented student athlete with dreams of playing the sport they love at the next level?

Soccer Match Victory
Soccer Match Victory
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Do They Sometimes Struggle With

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and lacking motivation 

 Getting distracted and straying from their athletic aspirations 

 Making poor decisions and  jeopardizing future success 

 Performance anxiety, pressure and stress that cause poor performance

What It Help if They Could

Control anxiety, perform with supreme confidence and bounce back from setbacks with ease

 Have positive outlook for the future and make decisions that lead to success on the field and off

 Have an unfair advantage over the competition (even if they’re more talented)

 Be immune to negative health risks  of burnout that threaten performance and wellbeing

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Every student athlete wants to play the sport they love for as long as they can. Every parent wants their child to get a good education and head start in life. Athletic and academic success is the key but unfortunately

 Many student athletes and their parents are missing out on their dream because…

Lack of a step by step plan that cuts out the guesswork and gives a student athlete focus, direction and confidence

Many parents and coaches are unaware of athlete burnout and it’s harmful effects leaving student athletes unprotected.

Many student athletes were never taught how to effectively use their most powerful asset to overcome the normal barriers to sport and academic success and maximize their potential

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 Prepare Your Student Athlete for Success at the Next Level and Beyond
We provide student athletes with a step by step roadmap to the next level(college or pros), tools to build an elite mindset, a custom burnout proof plan and
expert support and guidance every step of the way.

Success Engineering

“A goal without a plan is a wish and genies don’t exist”

Create a powerful compelling 100xray vision your future success and a step by step road map to get  there


“#1 predictor of success, performance and a life of meaning and purpose”.

Gain a competitive advantage and thrive in sport, academic and life

Burnout Proofing

“Athlete burnout effects %30 to %35 of adolescent athletes”

Build a burnout proof athlete thats immune to the triggers, symptoms and mental health risks of burnout

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I Get It – Balancing Sport and Academic Excellence Comes with Many Risks and Challenges

When student athletes are not properly prepared, supported and protected, the pursuit of sport and academic excellence can lead to negative effects to their health, wellbeing and future opportunities. 

Imagine if your child had

  • An expanded vision of their true potential and a deep commitment to their future success​​

  • A step by step process to achieve their biggest & boldest goals

  • An elite mindset to overcome challenges, maximize their talent & enhance performance on the field and in the classroom

  • Immunity against the harmful effects of athlete burnout so they experience longevity and fulfillment in their sport 

  • The same advanced mindset training, advanced recovery routines and peak performance protocols as Hall of Famers, Olympians and U.S. Navy Seals?

  • Support and guidance from a certified expert every step of the way

Would this make it safer & easier for you and your student athlete?

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Choose One That Works For You

1-on-1 Coaching

 Start getting the results you desire with one on one attention, custom program design and expert support every step of the way

Group Coaching

Develop elite mindset, plan and peak performance abilities with a small group of teammates, friends and/or siblings

Team Consulting

Create a winning culture and transform your values & vision into a dynasty

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Get all the answers, solutions and confirmation that you need to make the best decisions for your child’s future success


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Choose or create the perfect program to ensure the wellbeing, athletic and academic excellence, future success of your child

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You Don’t Have to Choose Between Your Child’s Health and their Future Success

If your student athlete is on his varsity or junior varsity sports team they are in the top 1% of their peer group. This means your son is special, unique and elite.

Your son is on an elite path and this comes with rare privileges, advantages and opportunities that his peers will never have. A good education worth tens of thousands of dollars, a career worth millions and a head start in life that’s priceless.

… but…

This path comes with extraordinary challenges, unique obstacles and inherent setbacks that threaten your child’s future success and wellbeing

It would be foolish to think that this elite journey, his elite status and these once in a lifetime opportunities won’t come with their own set of unique challenges, risks and dangers that require specialized training, support and attention.

The problem is most parents and athletes believe that talent and hard work is all it takes to cash in on these once in a lifetime opportunities and fail to protect their child against from the intense pressure, anxiety and health risks that come along with the pursuit of athletic and academic excellence

​At Enhanced Coaching our mission is to give student athletes and their parents the specialized attention, support and training they need to maximize their talent, protect their opportunities and avoid the risks to their well being and mental health


​Here's how we do it!

First,we help your student athlete create and expanded vision of their full potential and future success …then… design a step by step game plan that takes out the guesswork and ensures success. This will give you and your student athlete confidence, motivation and direction to stay focused and committed to his future success

Second,I walk with you step by step using my specialized training, skills and experience to help your child develop the mental abilities and life skills to multiply his talent, overcome challenges and give him an advantage over his rivals and peers in any area of life that requires decision making, problem solving and the use of his mind

Third, and this is the most important part, we protect your child’s mental health and wellbeing by making him immune to the mental health risks of athlete burnout so he can experience success and longevity in athletics, academics and life

​So, schedule free consultation to get all the answers and solutions you need to protect your child’s health future success and well being Or sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive access to free assessments, trainings, content and more

Don’t rely on wishful thinking when it comes to your child’s future success, health and wellbeing. Stack the odds in their favor, give them an unfair advantage and most importantly protect your student from the risks, stressors and pressure that come the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence

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