Become the Enhanced Version of YOU and Crush Your Biggest & Boldest Goals

 Removing the obstacles to your success with expert support and guidance every step of the way

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Enhance Yourself & Enhance Your Life

“We all have a vision of our ultimate success, life and who we can become. How close we come to making this vision a reality determines the level of our happiness, fulfillment and overall quality of our lives”

Change is not always for the better but enhancement always is

At enhanced coaching the ultimate goal is not to change you but to transform you into the enhanced version of you because when you enhance yourself you enhance your performance, enhance your success and enhance every area of your life automatically


 Crush Your Biggest & Boldest Goals


Elite Athletes With their eyes on the next level(college or pros)

Enhance your mindset, skill set and performance and gain a competitive advantage over the competition

Hardware Store Owner

Entrepreneurs, leaders and knowledge workers On a mission for massive wealth and impact

Enhance your productivity, problem solving and skill acquisition by %500 with a proven framework backed by science

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Enhancers, Growth Seekers and Achievers Looking to make a positive life change

Break free from the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and experience the enhanced confidence, clarity and motivation you desire

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I work exclusively with a select number of supreme clientele who understand the value of investing in themselves, enhancing their life and having expert support and guidance every step of the way

1-on-1 Coaching

Get the results you desire with custom program design, undivided attention and exclusive support every step of the way

Group Coaching

Learn, grow and enhance yourself with a small of of like minded individuals looking to do the same


Transform your vision and values into a  dynasty that breeds success, longevity and enhanced results

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Success Engineering

100x-ray Vision, Design Your Success, Crush Your Biggest & Boldest Goals
Success engineering is a powerful stack of advanced goal setting strategies designed to help you side step the common landmines, erase doubt and carve out a direct path to your future success.
“Doing the impossible starts with seeing the invisible”-
-Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi, The Father of Flow

See your future success with 100x-ray vision and unlock pristine clarity and motivation

Create a plan that carves out a direct path to your future success and eliminates doubt and procrastination

Take action and stay committed until your goal is achieved

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Mindset - Mental Performance Mastery
Master the Mental Game, Overcome Challenges, Unleash Your Full Potential
Mindset is the #1 predictor of  performance, success and a life of meaning and purpose
Mindset coaching gives you the the mental skills to unlock and activate your most powerful resource (your mind)  and use it in new creative and amazing ways for enhanced results at work and play

Control your mind, emotions and behaviors to complement your success

Eliminate limiting beliefs, negative self talk

Enhance your focus, decision making and problem solving 

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Find out if you have the Mindset to Unleash your Full Potential?
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Peak Performance & Flow State

Optimize Your Mind, Body and Life for More Flow & Optimal Performance
Peak Performance coaching combines the most powerful elements of mental performance and burnout proofing based on three decades of cutting edge scientific research…read more
“Peak Performance is meditation in motion” -Greg Louganis U.S. Olympic gold medalist

Gain a competitive edge to out produce, out smart and dominate the competition 

Apply the same peak performance blueprint used by Navy Seals, Olympians,  Billionaire leaders and their teams

Be immune to the effects of burnout so you can fire on all cylinders toward their biggest and brightest goals 

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Leadership & Building a Winning Culture 

Create a high flow environment where innovation flourishes, problems get solved and expectations are exceeded

...The culture precedes winning….Champions behave like champions before they are champions because they have a winning standard/culture of performance before they are winners --Bill Walsh (Hall of Fame 3x Super Bowl Champion Coach)

Culture is a set of beliefs, principles and customs that drive behaviors and create results. Winning is a culture; and creating a culture of winning is something that any team, group or organization can do. Quite frankly, if you’re not  actively creating a winning culture you are unknowingly creating a losing culture (mediocrity at best)

Transform your vision and values into a dynasty 

Apply the same culture building systems & strategies used by world championship teams, billion dollar organizations & U.S. Special Forces

Create a unique, signature winning team culture that promotes sustained success, excellence & achievement 

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Meet the Coach


Curtis Hance

“My mission is to give life long learners, growth seekers and performers in the pursuit of excellence to an expanded idea of their full potential & skills,capability and strategies and they need to overcome their challenges ,perform at their peak and flourish into the best versions of themselves…” 

In my two and a half decades as an instructor, trainer & personal development professional; I’ve realized two things to be true


...the greatest challenges to our success, fulfillment & well being are our own mental & emotional states


The #1 predictor of success and performance and a life of meaning and purpose is the ability to control our emotions & direct our minds to consistently get the solutions and results we desire

My name is Curtis Hance,founder of Enhanced Performance & The Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced performance is a coaching and consulting firm specializing in giving student athletes, entrepreneurs and other achievers the tools, techniques and systems to harness their full potential and consistently achieve Peak Performance at work and at play.

I’ve always had a drive and passion to serve and share my knowledge and experience with others.This natural drive combined with my personal passions has taken me from a Fitness & self defense trainer to a yoga & mindfulness instructor to , now, a life mindset & performance coach.

Over the past two and a half decades I have had the privilege to study and train with some of the top minds and organizations in personal development.

Enhanced coaching is rooted in the most proven and effective coaching modalities on the planet, nearly a quarter century of experiential knowledge and passion to serve.Now, I combine it all to help you become the enhanced version of you

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