Create Your Vision Achieve Your Goals Transform Your Life...on...Auto Pilot

NOW! are able to pick any positive quality you want and make it a permanent part of your Identity.This is the key to achieving your goals, making lasting change and creating the life you want...on...Auto Pilot!

One of the strongest driving forces in human behavior is the need to act in accordance with your Identity.This is the number one reason why making and maintaining the positive changes and behaviors you want seems like such an up hill battle.It doesn't matter how bad you want it,you have to become it.

Your current Identity is a combination of unconscious behaviors and beliefs.It was created decades ago,by accident,and not of your own doing.It's outdated and doesn't serve the new vision you have for your self and your life.But here it remains,pulling the strings and undoing your best efforts.


Adding new behaviors,beliefs or skills to an outdated Identity is like teaching your favorite pet to walk on two legs.It will do it,but how long before it returns to walking on four legs?

Recreate Your Self

Every aspect of your life has one thing in common,YOU.So as you Enhance Your Self you Enhance every aspect of Your life

The Self Enhanced Coaching program brings about lasting transformation by replacing your limiting beliefs,unwanted habits and toxic behaviors with a mindset of competence,confidence empowerment.


This program is a full Self Concept makeover to get your thoughts,actions and emotions aligned with your true values,the person you want to become and the life you want to live.








STEP 1 Through the process of open and honest communication we will discover the obstacles holding you back from reaching your full potential.Typically these are 

  •  Beliefs that limit your capabilities

  • Negative self talk that reinforces those beliefs

  • Self sabotaging habits/Unwanted behaviors

  • Fear,doubt,uncertainty

  • Phobias

The Self-Enhancement Process

   STEP 2 We will address and eliminate your obstacles.I will create and guide you through an individualized Self-Enhancement regimen of proven 

  •  NLP techniques

  • Cognitive behavior techniques

  • Personal development techniques

  • Coaching techniques



    STEP 3 Using techniques from the systems listed above we will replace those obstacles/barriers with

  • self empowering beliefs

  • positive emotions

  • self serving habits and actions

  • Courage,confidence and clarity

  • coping mechanisms



STEP 4 You get the keys to the car!Now that the process is complete 

  • You have created your ultimate self image/concept aligned with your highest values

  • You're ready to create the life you desire

  • Have mastery over your emotions,behaviors and decisions

  • You have the tools and techniques to maintain lasting change

  • Live your life with an identity of achievement

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