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Self-Enhancement Coaching

I know Why You Struggle...and...How to fix It 

One of the strongest driving forces in human behavior is the need to act in accordance with your Identity.The number one reason why making and maintaining the positive changes and behaviors you want seems like such fighting a loosing

Your current Identity,which is basically a set of beliefs habits and qualities,is outdated and doesn't serve the new vision you have for your self and your life...And...


here it remains,pulling the strings and undoing your best efforts.


Trying to add new behaviors,beliefs or skills to an outdated Identity is like trying to run updated software on an old outdated operating system.It will never upgrade the operating system​...and...


that's what I do

The Self-Enhancement Process


         STEP 1 Align

  • Core Values

  • Emotional Drivers

  • New Life Vision

STEP 2  Eliminate


  • Resistance

  •  Beliefs that limit your capabilities

  • Negative self talk that reinforces those beliefs

  • Self sabotaging habits/Unwanted behaviors

  • Fear,doubt,uncertainty

  • Phobias

STEP 3 Install

  •  Empowering beliefs

  • Any Positive Quality you want or need as a permanent part of your identity

  • Positive Emotions

  • Upgraded Habits and Behaviors

  • Courage,Confidence and Clarity...and..More

STEP 4 Be the Enhanced Version of You

  • Possess your Ultimate Self Image/concept aligned with your highest value​s

  • Create the Life you Desire

  • Have Mastery over your Emotions,Behaviors and Decisions

  • Possess the tools and techniques to create and Maintain Lasting Change

  • Live life with an Identity of Success,Confidence and Achievement

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