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Self Defitness

Incinerate Fat, Turbo Boost Your Confidence...and...Become A Total BAD ASS!

I  combine my passions and experience as a Coach,Martial Artist and Fitness Professional to create an evolutionary Self Defense program called Self Defitness.

With this simple and effective system you will Incinerate Fat, Turbo Boost Your Confidence...and...Become A Total BAD


NO Boards NO Belts NO Smelling Feet!

There are many reasons Why You Don't Need a Black Belt( or any belt )to defend yourself effectively against an attacker.Martial art systems are full of holes when it comes to practical Self Defense in a real life situation.Don't get me wrong,I love Martial Arts.I am a Martial artist with over a decade of training in multiple systems(Krav Maga, Eskrima/Silat,Tae kwon do and Boxing).


I do it because I love it.It gives me confidence,a sense of security and peace of mind(and it's one of the best ways to get ripped) I will continue to train and study for the rest of my life...But..I understand that You may not share that passion and don't want to invest the years and money that I have.You just want the results!


So what I've done is taken the most practical,proven and effective and techniques in Martial Arts and created the ultimate Self Defense program that will give you that same sense of security,confidence and peace of mind...and...Get Ripped! In less time and with less money

Fitness With A Purpose!

How would you like your fitness results?Do you want to struggle and strain your way through thousands of sit ups,counting every rep one by one?Do you want to drag yourself through puddles of sweat for miles dreading every single step?...Or...Would you rather learn a valuable skill(that could save your life)while having fun and boosting your confidence to the moon...And...when you're done and you are feeling your new found confidence,strength and peace of mind,You will...take a look down at yourself...notice your new body and say,"Oh!,I'm Ripped"!


In my humble opinion as a Martial Artist,Certified Personal Trainer,Fitness Coach,Performance Enhancement Specialist and Yoga instructor,Self Defense training is hands down to best way to Enhance Your Fitness.The best part about it is not that you get the full body workout and pump of H.I.T. training the fat burn of cardio,the sculpting of Pilates and even the flexibility and the mind-body connection of Yoga.

The best part is that you will possess a necessary life skill,one of the most beneficial to have and it could save your life one day.Knowing that you're prepared to protect your self against the worst will give you a confidence and peace of mind that nothing else can match.Trust me I know.

Your new found confidence,strength and competence is not just for standing up for yourself against muggers in dark alleys.It will shine through you and allow you to take on challenges in all areas of your life


In a perfect world you'll never have to use these skills in a life or death situation but by simply possessing them gives you a sense of accomplishment,growth and a heightened sense of self worth.As a Self Enhancement coach,and fellow spirit having a human experience,I know those are values we all share.


"Better to be a warrior in the garden than a gardener in a war"-

How it works

You will learn Simple,Proven and Effective self defense techniques that anyone can learn and use in a real life situation

  • Chokes Grabs and Holds-You will know how to escape any hold and better yet,how to stay out of them

  • Punches,Kicks and Strikes-You will know how to hit and not get hit

  • Footwork-You will Float like a butterfly

  • Knife and weapon Attacks-No Worries!You will be in the best shape of your like hell!Just Kidding.You will be able to defend yourself against weapon attacks as well

Now!We put the fitness in Self Defitness with our specialized fitness program designed to build the strength,stamina and coordination to make your techniques faster,more powerful and effective.You get the best of

  • Strength Training

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • H.I.T.Training

  • Various Martial Arts Systems 

  • And More...

Combined into a Fun,Safe and Empowering 60 minute session where You Get All The Benefits of


  • A one hour Martial Arts Class

  • A one Hour Yoga Class

  • A one Hour H.I.T.Training Session


 What Self Defitness Will Do For You

  •  Ignite Your Motivation!

  • Turbo Boost Your Confidence!

  • Incinerate Fat...without hours of boring cardio

  • Annihilate Anxiety!

  • Give You Laser Focus

  • Carve Your Core...without countless sit-ups

  • Destroy Stress!

  • Give You a Valuable Skill That Can Save Your Life!

  • Give You A kick Ass Backside

  • Move Your Body with Freedom and Purpose

  • Feel Secure as Fort Knox



All These Results Stay With You Through Every Area of Your Life!


Choose A Program

Woman Practicing Kick

1 -on- 1 Training

Accelerate Your Progress

Get exclusive one on one training from a  expert that focuses on your personal Fitness and Self Defense needs.

Training Session

Partner Training

Create Fun and Supportive Environment

Get Fit! and hone your self defense skills with a friend or loved one

Crossfit Exercise

Group Training

Push,Motivate and Have Fun

Train with friends and loved ones and rest assured that you all make it home safe at the end of the night

Find Out For Your Self How It Works!

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