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It's True! Now YOU Can Write Sales Copy Just Like The Pros! In only 20 Minutes a Day

Build the Most Important Money Making Skill for Your Business by Leveraging the Power Neuroscience and the Little Known “ Secret ” to Tony Robbins’s Success to Become a Master Copywriter in less time, with less effort and with more results ...especially if you have NO Copywriting Experience

 Upgrade Your Skill Stack

 Boost Sales

 Spark Engagement

"Copywriting is what made me rich... It has more impact on how much money you make with your company than anything else."
- Russell Brunson


If you’re reading this right now you already know the how valuable an asset copywriting skills are to your business growth and your bottom line. ( You don’t need me or Russell Brunson to tell you that) Since you’re already realize this simple truth, it’s probably also true that you...


Have been investing hours upon hours studying copywriting courses or dropping money into a bottomless pit of workshops, trainings, books, webinars etc. and you still have

  • NO new customer engagement

  • NO confidence in your copywriting skills

  • NO actual ads or sales letters to show for all your time and money spent

  • NO additional sales for your business

How would you like to cruise/float over these common copywriting landmines completely so you can


  • Jumpstart your business or copywriting career and turn your copywriting skills into cash in 90 days (20 minutes a day)

  • Have supreme confidence in your ability to produce copy that any businesses will gladly pay you five, six or seven figures 

  • Craft headlines that force prospects stop scrolling and pay attention to your the end

  • Create ads and sales letters that make you stand out in a crowded market and convert prospects to customers

  • Stop being manipulated by dark copywriting practices (you’ll see them coming a mile away)


If you can answer YES to at least one of these questions then this will be the most important and transformative programs you will ever take


Here’s the deal


I’m leading a small group coaches, entrepreneurs, innovators, influencers and other future millionaires through what I call 

Anchor 1

“The Copywriting Modeling Matrix”

During the 12 Week Copywriting Modeling Matrix, you will: 


1. Learn to configure your mind to drop into high flow state for accelerated skill acquisition, learning & creativity.... 


2. Immerse yourself in world-class ,top performing ads and DM (direct marketing)pieces. 


3. Effortlessly absorb the patterns, formulas and structure from proven ads and sales letters responsible for over a quarter billion dollars in sales


4. Lock in your new copywriting skills with proven scans. 


5. Scale your results to the next level with what I call, “The Copy Matrix Codex”

WITHOUT ever having to watch a single minute of course material - unless you enjoy binging on hours of lectures

WITHOUT  wasting a fortune on books, trainings and workshops - and still not feel confident in your copy skills


WITHOUT  having to to study, learn and memorize dozens of copywriting formulas, frameworks and systems 



WITHOUT  even thinking or learning about copywriting at all - it’s called “The Matrix” for a reason

However, Before you keep reading….Let Me Save YOU Some Time

The two most precious and sought after currencies on the planet are...Time and Money(one you can never produce more of or get back)


This program is going to save you years of wasted time and give a skill worth millions of dollars


However, Before You keep reading there’s something you need to know....


This Program is NOT cheap (nothing of value ever is)




There is NO money back guarantee


It doesn’t come with ton of worksheets, PDF’s and hours of video lectures that blind you with a bunch fake value that only ends in more time and money spent and no added results


If you believe  copywriting is a worthwhile investment that will make your message stand out, attract more customers, lead to more sales and ultimately add determine the success or failure of your business then continue reading, this program is for you 


If copywriting is NOT a valuable skill worth having in your business building skill stack, let me save you some time, there is no need to read any further

What Makes The Copywriting Modeling Matrix So Unique

The Modeling Matrix is NOT a course. That's why it's called "The Matrix." Instead of studying and consuming massive volumes of content, you simply Plug-in, Tune out and Learn effortlessly.There are no lessons, chapters or materials to study .However, you will 

learn more than you ever could in a traditional copywriting course....Here’s Why

Our minds are naturally designed to develop skills through imitation and application, not analysis.We all know that learning to speak a foreign language is one of the most confusing, frustrating and demoralizing endeavors you can imagine. It’s also something that everyone of us has already… How did we do it? Did we start by learning our ABC’s, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure? Of Course not! We modeled an “expert”, our parents, and commenced with the process/practice of speaking, NOT “learning to speak”. 

NOW, think back and realize how effortless it was for you to speak a brand new language from scratch. NOW you understand why modeling is so effective and Why DM legend Gary Halbert’s simple process is better than “learning copywriting ” from a course or training


To A Whole Other Level

We take that same natural, effective and efficient learning process that you already possess, combine it with Gary Halbert’s sage like copy wisdom and Super-Charged it with an patented advanced modeling framework ...and… a potent and powerful scientific advancement to 


Accelerate your copy learning, creativity & skill acquisition by %500

( that’s what makes it a Matrix)

This means you can practically absorb your copywriting skills in less time, with less effort and with proven results… just like Neo in the matrix


Potent Science
Flow State 

Is the neuroscience of optimal human performance backed by four decades of research and has been proven to accelerate skill acquisition, creativity and learning by up to %500. Flow science has been applied by Navy Seals, Olympians, Google take their performance to the next level

Proven Framework
NLP Modeling

Is the secret, almost extinct, system behind Tony Robbins $600 million skill stack and the foundation NLP was built on. NLP modeling is a revolutionary model based approach for capturing, replicating and transferring any skill or ability- rapidly and effectively. It has been used by both the corporate sector and U.S. military intelligence to achieve amazing results

Effortless Learning
Learn by Doing NOT Thinking 

We simply leverage the most natural and effective learning process that you already have and super charge it with a powerful science and proven framework to enhance results . All the skills you need are already implanted into your brain. This program will unlock and amplify them

Here's what you can expect from the Copy Modeling Matrix:

  • A quarter billion dollar swipe file of top performing ads, sales letters and lead generation pieces. (You will notice that solid salesmanship skills are already implanted deep inside your brain. Modeling will help you “unlock” them.)


  • Daily simple, direct instructions that even a brain-dead monkey could follow. (You don’t have to think. You will know EXACTLY what to do at all times


  • An oddly effective yet powerful formula,used by elite performers, to drop in to an advanced state of accelerated learning and creativity, in minutes,to absorb the patterns, structure and formula of an elite copywriting master 


  • The keys to the secret NLP Modeling framework that allowed by Tony Robbins to amass his transformational skill stack & his $600,000,000 million fortune (After you use it to add copywriting to your skill stack, why stop there)?


  • Weekly group flow sessions where we dive deep into the details of your modeling progress ... and … crack the code of seven figure sales letters

  • ...and more (wait until I get I get to the bonuses)


The Copywriting Modeling Matrix is a 12-week interactive program divided in five phases:

Phase 1: Onboarding

The first phase is Onboarding. Here, we will set up the modeling project for you to succeed.

RULE: 90% of a modeling project happens at the unconscious level. Because our unconscious isn't prepared to operate optimally for modeling, we must prepare it to do just that.

But before we initiate the set up, I will give you a detailed overview of NLP modeling and the program experience. You will get to ask me any question you have on modeling and copywriting in general.

Then, we will move on to set up your unconscious mind for the modeling project.

Before you are officially declared on board, I'll answer all and any remaining questions you may have.

ALL of my students, bar none, feel that the onboarding session is worth their investment in the modeling workshop.

Phase 2: Absorption

The second phase kickstarts the actual modeling.

During 9 weeks, you will absorb patterns of excellence from million dollar ads from an expert copywriter.

This phase is incredibly important, and it’s a phase almost nobody knows how to execute.

Every weekday, early morning, you will receive an email with specific instructions.

All you have to do is follow them to them to the T. Nothing is left to chance or to wonder.

 Every week, we will connect live in our group flow copy session.

I will ask you questions to evaluate which stage of absorption you are at.

You will share how your experience is going and how your thinking, speaking and behavior are evolving.

I answer your questions about how to optimize your experience as you blaze forward.


Phase 3: Evaluation

In phase three, once you have completed the unconscious absorption, you perform an assignment for us to evaluate your absorption and manifestation of patterns.

NOTE: This is not a test!!! It’s more like stepping on a scale to weigh yourself.

Phase 4: Coding

Now, you begin phase four: consciously coding the persuasion and sales patterns you have absorbed into your business building tool kit (When I say “business” I mean money)

That's not all...

I also send you MY OWN COLLECTION OF PATTERNS based on the exact same modeling project. When you put the two together — mine and yours — you have an unbelievable arsenal of patterns at hand that you can deploy at will.

Phase 5: Debrief

In phase five, we have a group debriefing session where we go over the entire project together.

Debriefs help you to integrate all the phases into a coherent whole so you can see the entire picture at once.

Here's EVEN MORE of what you can expect After you complete the Copy Modeling Matrix:


 The Copy Matrix Codex  is an arsenal of tools that cracks the copywriting code and allows you to see through the seemingly mundane  in to the hidden patterns, subtle nuances and psychology of persuasive language. ( some have said “ this worth more than the whole training by itself ”) It includes...

  • A complete  swipe collection of top performing headlines, bullet points, openers, P.S’s, guarantees...and more


  • Copy patterns index is treasure chest of persuasive plug-in play patterns, complete with a detailed breakdown, so you know exactly how and when to use them for maximum effect


  • Sales page index is 45 of the highest converting sales pages in copywriting history, dissected pattern by pattern for easy application to your ads and sale letter


  • The “Select 7” Sales page templates index gives you possession of the seven most effective sales page frameworks so you’re never stuck staring at blank page again… just plug and play your new skills

  • Modeling Matrix Scans gives you 18 powerful language patterns that will allow you to speak directly to your prospects subconscious mind where all buying decisions are made(These are very powerful and necessary to write compelling copy, please use responsibly) 

“One of the things I'm best at is modeling. I find someone who is best at something I want to learn. Then I model them, and learn it myself”
- Tony Robbins

NOW You’re a Copywriter...but Remember, The Copy Model Matrix is Two Trainings in ONE

By the time you complete this program it will be second nature to write, detect and decode compelling copywriting that leads to customer engagement and sales ( never be fooled by immoral and manipulative copy again)


But that’s only the half of it


You Are also Modeler with the knowledge, experience, capability and a simple, detailed modeling framework you can use to breakdown any skill and absorb it into your skill stack in less time, with less effort and with amazing results. 


Use modeling to propel your professional performance by adding


  • Sales

  • Public Speaking ( Tony Robbins used this to have crowds of thousands hanging on his every word)

  • Marketing

  • Content Creation

  • Investing (read “Money, Master the Game)

  • etc.




Propel your personal skills by learning


  • A new language ( mine was hebrew)

  • To play an instrument

  • Dance

  • Songwriting

  • Martial arts (Tony Robbins earned a black belt in six months)

  • etc.


NLP Modeling is so effective that it will enable you to build any skill or behavior you imagine even if you were previously incapable of learning  — no matter how hard you tried!



If you have heard of NLP but have never studied it formally, this is the best introduction to the field that you could get.


When you venture out on your own, you need a quiver full of skills to meet the inevitable demands of life as an entrepreneur. Modeling will help you build those skills at record speed.


Whether you’re a writer, content creator or anyone else with a message you want to express this training will make you more effective

As soon as you enroll...

You will be redirected to a private page where you will:

Step 1 - Fill out your Modeling Experience Enrollment Questionnaire.

Step 2 - Download your Onboarding Session Kit.

Step 3 - Receive pre-Onboarding instructions.

Step 4 - I will contact you personally to welcome you into the program.




This your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to. You take the red pill, you enter the matrix, and I show you how deep the your copywriting skills and your skill stack can go. Remember, all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.


Here’s a crash Course in the Four “U’s” of Copywriting


Copywriting, alone, is million dollar skill and the ability to build any skill through modeling is priceless...that’s what makes this program is Useful


The Copy Model Matrix  merges  flow science ( the neuroscience of optimal human performance) with NLP Modeling (never done before) to accelerate your copy learning, skill acquisition and creativity by %500...That’s what make it Unique


The Copy Model Matrix gives you the capability to produce high performing copy and convert your copy skills into cash in 90 days with only 20 minutes a day...That’s what makes this program Ultra Specific

To guarantee every participant gets the support, experience and results they need, I’m  limiting enrollment to 10 participants...that’s what makes this program Urgent

3 Ways To Participate

Copywriting legends sell their industry secrets for as much as $9,800 a seat (You don’t just learn them, you will absorb them). Most legit NLP training programs cost upwards of $3,000 ...and... don't offer nearly close to the support attention and tangible results this one does( You can use this same framework to model the change work later). The Modeling Matrix is two advanced skill trainings in ONE and it’s available at a terrific introductory price.

    Save big while adding to your skillset

(Pay in full - Save $90)

3 Monthly Payments of $195
(That's $6.50 per day)

 Team onboarding session

 Mind conditioning drills

 45 daily modeling sessions

 45 work samples

 18 modeling scans

 12 weekly team sessions

 Individual debrief session

 Unlimited email support

 Stage 3 evaluation review

 VIP one-on-one onboarding

 Additional one-one-coaching session

 Access to the Modeling Matrix

(Pay in full - Save $130)
3 Monthly Payments of $275
(That's $9.517 per day)

 Team onboarding session

 Mind conditioning drills

 45 daily modeling sessions

 45 work samples

 18 modeling scans

 12 weekly team sessions

I ndividual debrief session

 Unlimited email support

 Stage 3 evaluation review

 VIP one-on-one onboarding

 Additional one-one-coaching session

 Access to the Modeling MAtric Codex

(Pay in full - Save $190)
3 Monthly Payments of $395
(That's $13.16 per day)

 Team onboarding session

 Mind conditioning drills

 45 daily modeling sessions

 45 work samples

 18 modeling scans

 12 weekly team sessions

 Individual debrief session

 Unlimited email support

 Stage 3 evaluation review

 VIP one-on-one onboarding

 *Bonus one-one-one coaching session

 Access to the Modeling Modeling Matrix

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